Restore NYC

Website: In-person: Crisis/emergency services and housing. Remote Services: Case management, counseling, and economic empowerment. Languages: Phone picks up in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean. Other languages through language line. Phone: 212-840-8484


Website: Helpline: 888-888-7702 In-Person Services: Residential houses are operating for survivors who need emergency housing. If a survivor is in need of in-person services this can be arranged with the manager of the site by calling our helpline number. Remote Services: Counseling, case management, and advocacy. Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Urdu, … Continue reading Womankind

Day One

Website: Hotline: 800-214-4150 Remote Services: Case management, counseling, safety planning, legal services, and online training for youth 24 and under, impacted by inter-personal violence. Languages: English, Spanish Text Line: 646-535-DAY1 (3291)